April 2016

See what’s happening at The Gottman Institute


See what’s happening at The Gottman Institute

See what’s happening at The Gottman Institute

This month Drs. John and Julie Gottman published “An Open Letter on Porn,” Joni Parthemer, M.Ed. and Beth Goss hosted a Bringing Baby Home Educator Training here in Seattle, and we hosted a total of 23 trainings and workshops all around the world. We also celebrated the birthdays of our co-founders, John and Julie Gottman.

“Month in Review” is a feature on The Gottman Relationship Blog that gives you the opportunity to recap the news and events of the last month. Below you will find useful information and links from April, including mentions in the media, important announcements, blog postings, class photos, and more.





What does marriage have to do with leadership? If you are married, everything. Nothing will undermine your effectiveness as a leader faster than a bad marriage.

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The gottmans visit new zealand


world's top psychologists

Earlier this month, John and Julie Gottman traveled to Auckland, New Zealand to present a Level 1 Training to clinicians. During their visit, they stopped by TV3 for an exclusive interview with Kim Vinnell in which they give advice on how to make a relationship work. You can watch the full interview here.



An open letter on porn




Drs. John and Julie Gottman published “An Open Letter on Porn”  that addresses the threat porn presents to many modern-day relationships. This post instantly became The Gottman’s most viewed and shared post for the month of April, and was re-posted by several other pages, including Fight the New Drug, as well as referenced in articles, such as “The issue of pornography as a health crisis is gaining national attention” by Desert News. The public response rate for the post was so high that John and Julie Gottman released a follow-up response on Facebook.



Featured Instagram Post


Some Bunny


Are you following us on Instagram? We provide practical skills to strengthen relationships, as well as cute pictures of bunnies.


Featured Class Photo

level 1 training

This month’s featured class photo is from a Level 1 Training presented by Trish Purnell-Webb, MPsych(Clin) in North Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. To see more photos from professional training events around the country, click here.


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