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Tools for Couples that are Healing Together. Join psychologist and podcast host Leo Flowers for a live webinar Wednesday, June 30, 10AM-11AM PT! You’ll discover fun, accessible practices to help you reconnect with your partner and heal from challenging life experiences. Click here to register.

From Conflict to Connection. Join us May 27, 10 AM – 12 PM PT as Dr. Vagdevi Meunier offers practical tools to support couples in distress. This webinar will explore clinical interventions from the Gottman Method and Dr. Dan Wile’s Collaborative Couple Therapy to shift conflict conversations towards greater connection and empathy.

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How to Engage in Effective Discipline. “Spare the child” by using Gottman principles for communication and relationship-building to inform discipline. By turning toward their children, having regular heart-to-heart conversations, and building Love Maps, parents and caregivers will be encouraged to create discipline that does not include the punishment of children through spanking. Learn interventions to increase mutual respect, make expectations clear, and take personal breaks to prevent flooding so that physical violence won’t be a resort.

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Treating Infidelity in LGBTQIA+ Relationships In this recorded webinar, you will learn how to treat infidelity using the Gottman Method for the LGBTQIA+ population. Members of this community may have experienced discrimination and may struggle to reach out for help. It is important we use affirmative counseling techniques and recognize the differences and struggles this population may have been through. We will discuss using the Atone, Attune, Attach model for infidelity and how to rebuild the relationship using the Sound Relationship House.

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Use of the Gottman Method with African Americans Impacted by Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome will help to inform the thought process and work of clinicians with couples who have been deeply impacted by slavery, discrimination, and systemic racism that has existed in the United States for the past 400 years. Coming soon!

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The Transition to Parenthood is an evidence-based and research-tested program to help prepare couples for life with baby and the joys and challenges parenthood. This recorded webinar covers challenges you’ll face in parenthood, how to gain relationship satisfaction, and how to create a healthy environment that promotes emotional and intellectual development for your children.

“Going Back to School During Covid-19” is hosted by Certified Gottman Therapist Mary Beth George. This webinar focuses on parents dealing with back-to-school issues and covers these topics: understanding our feelings about the pandemic, how we make hard decisions regarding the pandemic, and coping strategies.

Emotion Coaching Webinar recorded webinars:

Emotion Coaching:  The Heart of Relating to Young Children. Click here to listen to the recording. This one-hour webinar covers the basics of Dr. John Gottman’s research, identifying your parenting style, the five steps to emotion coaching and a word about dealing with difficult situations. Special emphasis is placed on how to help children and parents navigate emotions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Emotion Coaching:  The Heart of Relating to Tweens and Teens. Click here to listen to the recording. This one-hour webinar covers the basics of neurobiological research related to emotional development and the teenage brain, the five steps of Emotion Coaching, and pressures and risky situations that are common with teens. Special emphasis is placed on how to help teens and parents navigate emotions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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