Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot. Conflict is universal, inevitable and a path to intimacy or distance, depending on how we handle it. Learn the skills to transform conflict into an opportunity to love your partner better. Reserve your spot today!

Grey Divorce and Empty Nesters Webinar image

Grey Divorce & Empty Nesters. As society embraces seventy as being the new fifty, decades long marriages are ending at an astonishing rate. Learn about the issues that arise and how to develop an approach for dealing with them. Reserve your spot today!

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The Transition to Parenthood. This webinar provides an evidence-based and research-tested program to help prepare couples for life with a baby and the joys and challenges of parenthood. We cover challenges you’ll face in parenthood, how to gain relationship satisfaction, and how to create a healthy environment that promotes emotional and intellectual development. Buy now and get 50% off!

“Going Back to School During Covid-19” is hosted by Certified Gottman Therapist Mary Beth George. This webinar focuses on parents dealing with back-to-school issues and covers these topics: understanding our feelings about the pandemic, how we make hard decisions regarding the pandemic, and coping strategies.

Emotion Coaching Webinar recorded webinars:

Emotion Coaching:  The Heart of Relating to Tweens and Teens. Watch now. This one-hour webinar covers the basics of neurobiological research related to emotional development and the teenage brain, the five steps of Emotion Coaching, and pressures and risky situations that are common with teens. Special emphasis is placed on how to help teens and parents navigate emotions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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