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Conversations – Webinar Series

Access guidance on parenting, the transition to parenthood, and navigating emotional development during challenging times.

Live Webinars

For Individuals:

How Guilt and Shame Impact Your Relationship

Learn the causes of guilt and shame and how to overcome these dynamics in your relationship.

For Professionals:

Breaking Down Walls: Exploring Emotions and Gottman Method

Go deeper with Gottman Method to address emotions that arise during couples therapy.

For Professionals:

Assessment in Couples Therapy

Learn how to conduct a thorough assessment with couples to improve your efficacy and achieve better outcomes for the couple.

Recorded Webinars

For New Parents:

The Transition to Parenthood Webinar

This webinar provides an evidence-based and research-tested program to help prepare couples for life with a baby and the joys and challenges of parenthood. We cover challenges you’ll face in parenthood, how to gain relationship satisfaction, and how to create a healthy environment that promotes emotional and intellectual development. Buy now and get 50% off!

Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Relating to Tweens and Teens

This one-hour webinar covers the basics of neurobiological research related to emotional development and the teenage brain, the five steps of Emotion Coaching, and pressures and risky situations that are common with teens. Special emphasis is placed on how to help teens and parents navigate emotions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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