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The Effectiveness of the Gottman Method

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There have been three published outcome studies to date with randomized clinical trials on Gottman Method programs.

  1. A dismantling study of the two-day The Art and Science of Love workshop with one year follow-up:

A component analysis of a brief psycho-educational couples’ workshop: one-year follow-up resultsJournal of Family Therapy, Babcock, J. C., Gottman, J. M., Ryan, K. D. and Gottman, J. S. (2013).

  1. A study that focused on the study of the Bringing Baby Home two-day workshop; also reported in the Gottmans’ book, And Baby Makes Three:

The Baby and the Marriage: Identifying factors that buffer against decline in marital satisfaction after the first baby arrivesJournal of Family Psychology, Shapiro, A.F., Gottman, J.M., and Carrere, S. (2000).

  1. Outcomes are also presented in this series of papers treating situational domestic violence with very good results at 18 month follow up with observational, archival, and physiological data:
  1. Reducing Situational Violence in Low-Income Couples by Fostering Healthy Relationship and Conflict Management Skills
  2. Physiological Reactivity in Low-Income, Situationally Violent Couples: Impact of Conjoint Skills-Based Treatment for Couples
  3. Creating Healthy Relationships in Low-Income, Violent Couples: Reducing Conflict and Encouraging Relationship Skills

Several other clinical trials on Gottman Method programs have been completed with overseas populations:

  • Emotion Coaching: Dr. Christina Choi of Korea, has written several books and papers on the use of Emotion Coaching with the Korean population.

We are also currently conducting three randomized clinical trials, a replication and extension of the domestic violence study, a study on treating affairs, and a study treating addiction. See Dr. Gottman’s Principia Amoris for the mathematical basis of Gottman work.

In addition to those listed above, below are other key articles reviewing the effectiveness of the Gottman Method. Also see complete research citations here.

These articles are provided for informational purposes only and are not authorized for any other use. For permission to reproduce or disseminate, please contact the publishers of each journal directly.