Unlock your child’s full potential based on science, not trends.

Gottman Parenting is your comprehensive, inclusive resource for parenthood, offering bite-sized videos, exercises, and interactive podcasts. Our content tackles modern parenting challenges, stress management, and breaking negative cycles. With diverse real-life examples, science-based solutions, and actionable steps, we’ll empower you to raise emotionally intelligent, resilient children.

Nurture your child’s development with unmatched solutions.

Gottman Parenting is an inclusive platform that supports parents at every stage of their journey.

With bite-sized videos, practical exercises, concise reading material, and interactive podcasts, we help you navigate the challenges of modern parenthood, manage stress, and unlock your child’s full potential.

Solve problems with ease

Consider Gottman Parenting your trusted companion in solving even the most challenging parenting problems. We know that urgent issues can arise at any time, and our solutions are there to help you navigate through them with confidence.

Reduce stress and stay present

Understand your stressors, learn the science of calm, and uncover practical techniques for staying collected during overwhelming moments. Discover your parental agenda and regain connection with your child so you can enjoy every moment.

Establish lifelong benefits

Set your child on a path to lifelong success with parenting resources that empower you to nurture your child’s development, increase positive behaviors, break negative patterns, and foster the growth of your child’s character, empathy, and resilience.

We’ve done the work to sort myth from fact.

Consulting so-called parenting experts and internet influencers leads to conflicting advice and stressed, overwhelmed parents.

At Gottman Parenting, we’ve separated trends from fact, distilling thousands of research studies into practical, step-by-step tools that actually fit into your daily life.

Our diverse content covers a wide range of real-life experiences, so you can learn actionable solutions to all sorts of parenting challenges—all designed to help you raise emotionally intelligent, resilient children.

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Parents today are overwhelmed with conflicting advice on how to parent their children.

 At Gottman Parenting, we’ve distilled thousands of research studies into practical, step-by-step tools that actually fit into your daily life. Every family’s journey is unique, but the science is clear.

Our programs are about making daily decisions that set a positive course for your child’s future.

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