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Gottman Love Notes

Gottman Love Notes is a research-based newsletter for couples featuring the latest and greatest from The Gottman Institute. Whether you’re new to Gottman or a big fan, we believe that you’ll find something interesting, relevant, or refreshing in the content featured in each issue of Love Notes.

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Why Love Notes?

Relationships are hard work. Being “good” at loving other people doesn’t come naturally to most people, but it is a skill you can learn and practice. Love Notes are regular email reminders of how the decades of research behind The Gottman Institute and Gottman Method Couples Therapy inform everything we do. Love can be studied and the research can be applied to improve relationships right away. Take note.

We also provide relevant updates from the larger therapy community. This includes specialists who have applied our research to different types of relationships, individual therapy, and more throughout the mental health space. All in the name of helping people love each other and themselves better.

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