Practical, Science-Based Steps to Heal from an Affair

Working through an affair is tough. It takes tremendous energy and vulnerability on both sides.

An Affair Does Not Have to Mean the End

Is it possible to recover from an affair? The answer for most couples is yes.

Reviving Trust After an Affair (part 2)

Employing Gottman’s Trust Revival Method in the aftermath of an affair.

What to Do After an Affair (part 1)

After coming clean about an affair, Brandon and his partner learn how to rebuild their relationship.

Not Just Friends: Recovering From an Emotional Affair

Instead of letting an emotional affair destroy your marriage, know that it’s possible to improve things with the right resources, boundaries, and time.

Learning to Love Again After an Affair

Is it possible to rebuild trust after your partner has been unfaithful?

Treating Affairs and Trauma

Dive deep into the proven, research-based Gottman Method approach for treating couples impacted by affairs and trauma. This in-depth course will provide you, the clinician, with an unbiased roadmap to compassionately serve your clients and provide hope as they struggle to rebuild a collapsed Sound Relationship House.

NOTE: Level 1 Training is required.

Rebuilding After Infidelity

Research shows couples can move forward after an affair. But how?