Love Quiz: Do You and Your Partner Accept Each Other’s Influence?

Influencing within a relationship helps build a positive perspective.

Influencing within a relationship helps build a positive perspective.

Influencing within a relationship helps build a positive perspective.

Would you respond true or false to questions like these below?

  • My partner is really interested in my opinions on our basic issues.
  • I usually learn a lot from my partner even when we disagree.
  • I want my partner to feel that what they say really counts with me.
  • I generally want my partner to feel influential in this relationship.
  • I can listen to my partner, but only up to a point.
  • My partner has a lot of basic common sense.
  • I try to communicate respect, even during our disagreements.

Take this free quiz and get a sense of how well you and your partner accept each other’s influence in your relationship, which is an important area to understand so you can build the positive perspective in your relationship. It can help you understand the power dynamic in your relationship when decision-making and whether or not you should change that dynamic.

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