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Mary Beth George



Pennsylvania, United States


  • Advanced Gottman Clinical Trainer
  • Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Workshop Presenter


  • Affairs
  • Health Issues
  • Parenting

Speaker Expertise:

  • Level 1 Training
  • Level 2 Training
  • Level 3 Training

Mary Beth George is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Gottman Therapist, Level 3 Trainer and Consultant for the Gottman Institute. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Penn State University. After working for several years as a Registered Dietitian, she recognized the need to augment those skills and pursued a Master of Education in Counseling from University of North Texas, graduating cum laude. She has over twenty-five years of clinical and management experience, as well as teaching and managing a graduate internship at Texas A&M University. She is co-owner of Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy Associates in Kingwood, TX.

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As a clinician, Mary Beth’s passion is to aid couples in healing their relationships and spreading the Gottman message. She offers four modalities of Gottman Method™ Couples Therapy:  Couples counseling, marathon therapy, The Art & Science of Love Weekend Workshops and premarital counseling.  She has an interest in working with clients with LGBT concerns, Emotion Coaching skills for parents, women’s issues and couples affected by affairs. She also trains mental health clinicians in Levels 1, 2 and 3 of the Gottman Method, and serves as a consultant for therapists pursuing certification.

In both her career as a dietitian and therapist, Mary Beth has written and contributed to numerous articles in both professional and lay publications. She has been a featured speaker at local, state and national events. Media appearances include YouTube videos, local television news interviews, continuing education videos, and a segment on Prime Time Texas. Mary Beth’s has an engaging speaking style that infuses humor, warmth and personal stories.

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*Accepting New Certification Candidates*

Mary Beth is passionate about the Gottman Method and has built a successful therapy practice around it. She loves seeing couples heal their relationships through counseling and marathon therapy, as well as The Art & Science of Love workshops, which she teaches four times per year. Mary Beth stays busy by conducting Gottman Trainer workshops at all levels, as well as working on an Emotion Coaching project for TGI. To stay connected to the Gottman community she roves at The Art & Science of Love workshops in Seattle, and has built a strong network of colleagues and friends. In short, Mary Beth believes in the Gottman Method and loves what she does.

In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mary Beth has worked for many years as a dietitian, often blending her two specialty areas. Her background is varied with clinical experiences in both inpatient and outpatient settings, teaching at Texas A & M University and managing a graduate level internship program, and working with unique populations including domestic violence and LGBT. Mary Beth’s style in working with clients and students alike is straightforward, collaborative and compassionate. She has not forgotten what it is like to be a consultee struggling to get videotapes, so she can offer plenty of empathy, advice and humor to keep that process going smoothly.

Mary Beth is happily married with a teenage son, retired racing greyhound, and the sweetest Australian Shepherd on the planet. She is a nature junkie and loves to hike, run, garden, eat healthfully and travel to scenic destinations.

You can contact Mary Beth directly to learn about her consultation pricing and more through her Gottman Referral Network profile here.

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