Rituals of Gratitude

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Create rituals of connection around thankfulness using these four ideas.


Zach Brittle, LMHC  //  

If trust is something that you feel, commitment is something that you do. It’s taking your partner with you wherever you go.

How to Build Trust in Your Relationship

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Trust is a pillar of the Sound Relationship House. Learn how to fortify your partnership with attunement, intimate conversation, and more.

Create Shared Meaning

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Dr. Gottman suggests that couples Create Shared Meaning through the use of rituals, roles, goals, and symbols.

Make Life Dreams Come True

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Begin investing in the future of your relationship by exploring what it means to Make Life Dreams Come True.

Turn Towards Instead of Away

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State your needs, be aware of bids for connection, and turn towards them.

Share Fondness and Admiration

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Sharing fondness and admiration is the antidote to contempt and, more importantly, it increases the amount of affection and respect in a relationship.

Build Love Maps

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Dr. Gottman’s term for getting to know your partner’s world is called Build Love Maps.

Building a Sound Relationship House

Zach Brittle, LMHC  //  

I’m really excited to shine a light on the early stages of a relationship with a new series we’re calling “New Construction.” Over the next few months, I’ll use this space to speak to how the Gottman body of research informs new relationships, specifically pre-marrieds and newlyweds.

Create Shared Meaning: Suggestions from Dr. Gottman

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Instead of our usual Weekend Homework Assignment, today we would like to conclude The Sound Relationship House Series by sharing suggestions for Creating Shared Meaning from Dr. Gottman's celebrated book, The Relationship Cure