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All successful relationships are built on the same premise: The Sound Relationship House theory by Drs. John and Julie Gottman.

Photo of couple rekindling the passion in their marriage

10 Ways to Rekindle the Passion in Your Marriage

Terry Gaspard

A good sexual relationship is built on emotional intimacy and closeness. ...

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Happy rom com couple

Why Rom-Coms Show Timeless Truths About Love

The Gottman Institute

Can movies about love teach us important things about real relationships, even if they seem perfect and unrealistic? ...

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Couple turning against each other

Why Turning Against Your Partner’s Bids Is So Harmful

Vagdevi Meunier

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Couple arguing and feeling resentment

How Overcontrolling Behaviors Impact Relationships

Rachel Burgreen

Overcontrolled traits will lead to problems in your relationships. ...

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Male friendship

Understanding the Male Friendship Conundrum

Justin Pere

Why men struggle with close connections and how it impacts their health and well-being. ...

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Couple walking

Self-Care: Cherishing Yourself And Your Relationship

Ellie Lisitsa

These are ideas that can keep you and your relationship from being overwhelmed in daily life. ...

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New Year’s Relationship Resolutions

The Gottman Institute

The New Year can be your opportunity to make resolutions for better communication and a healthier relationship. ...

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Hitting the Big Reset Button

John Gottman

We can have hope and we can believe, and most importantly, we can start over this holiday season. ...

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Couple feeling emotionally stuck.

Overcoming Gridlock This Holiday Season

Sanaa Hyder

Gridlock. The word itself conjures up the image of sitting in your car for hours while traffic around you barely inches ...

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Couple enjoying the holidays

Make This Holiday Season Sexy

Cheryl Fraser

Turn holiday stressors into opportunities to create new romantic rituals to make this holiday season sexy. ...

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What is the story beneath their emotions?

Do You Know the Story Beneath Your Relationship to Emotions?

Sabrina Walters

There’s an untapped power to understanding why you manage your emotions the way you do — and how that might differ ...

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Happy couple having a date night

Small Actions Make Big Impacts

Kendra Han

Based on the webinar How Small Actions Make Big Impacts: Daily acts of love to improve your relationship presented by Kimberly ...

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