Why Do We Get Jealous in Relationships?

April Eldemire, LMFT  //  

Recognizing and embracing your partner's enduring vulnerabilities, as well as your own, will strengthen your relationship.

Before You Get Married, Watch This

The Gottman Institute  //  

Prince EA, a filmmaker, activist, and public speaker, created a beautiful video based on some of our core principles.

Why Conventional Marriage Wisdom Is Wrong

John Gottman, Ph.D.  //  

After researching thousands of couples for more than 40 years, these are some of the myths we’ve encountered most often.

What Pride Means to the Gay Couples Institute

Salvatore Garanzini and Alapaki Yee  //  

The Gay Couples Institute saw the need for specialized care for LGBTQ couples, and we provide support to their tribe members.

Why LGBTQ Marriages Need Pride

David and Constantino Khalaf  //  

Pride, properly understood, is an essential element to the success of our marriages in the face of external conflict.