Emotional Intelligence Will Help You—And Everyone Around You

How does a flight delay reveal emotional intelligence at an airport? And how can emotional intelligence help you?

How to Strengthen Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Children need the experience of feeling emotions and practice tolerating them to develop self-control and emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence Is Key to Successful Leadership

If leaders fail in driving emotions in the right direction, nothing they do will work as well as it could or should.

5 Ways to Bolster Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

The ability to manage emotions helps kids navigate social relationships, maximize intellectual success, and develop confidence.

12 Ways to Use Inside Out to Teach Emotional Intelligence

Drawing from my experiences as a teacher and what I continue to discover as a parent, here are 12 tips for how to use Inside Out to help kids learn about the brain, emotions, and themselves.

An Age-By-Age Guide to Helping Kids Manage Emotions

How we react to our kids’ emotions has an impact on the development of their emotional intelligence.

Helping Little Ones with Big Emotions

Research shows that giving your child the gift of emotional intelligence can greatly improve their quality of life.

Overcoming Gridlock This Holiday Season

Gridlock is like an emotional traffic jam in a relationship.

Positive Parenting: Accept Feelings, Limit Actions

All feelings are acceptable. All behaviors are not.


At the University of Illinois and then at the University of Washington, Dr. John Gottman and his colleagues studied families, … Continued

Mastering Marriage Conflict with Mulligans

Dr. Gottman has discovered that successful marriages use repair attempts like golfers use mulligans.

The Four Parenting Styles

Good parenting involves emotion.

How Millennials Are Redefining Marriage

Millennials are certainly redefining not only when to get married, but what it means to them.

February 2017

Read about all the exciting happenings at The Gottman Institute in February!

The Anger Iceberg

Often when we are angry, there are other emotions hidden under the surface.

3 Do’s and Don’ts for Raising Emotionally Intelligent Kids

With these three steps, you can raise children who are bright, confident, and better able to navigate the intricacies of life.

How Forgiveness Can Transform Your Marriage

Forgiveness is an essential component of successful romantic relationships.