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Gottman Parenting: Empowering Your Toddler’s Inner Growth

Help your toddler grow as they learn to manage big emotions and push boundaries.

Toddlers are learning to handle big emotions, pushing boundaries, and developing attachment styles. With our actionable steps and science-backed solutions, we’ll empower you to raise a secure, empathetic toddler.

You’ll learn how to effectively manage meltdowns with our three-step guide, how to practice the tried and true Gottman emotion coaching method with your child, and learn how to take care of yourself so you can show up as the best parent you can be for your toddler. Plus, discover the best ways to protect your child through big life changes like divorce and separation, and learn about attachment styles and how to raise a secure, independent toddler.

With immediate solutions and real-life examples, you’ll have what you need to support your toddler’s emotional development for a bright future.

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  • Faculty: Drs. Julie and John Gottman
  • Duration: 2 Hrs.
  • Format: On-Demand
  • Audio: English


Toddlerhood is a pivotal stage of development, but parents today are inundated with conflicting advice on how to parent their children. To equip you with the most reliable and effective tools, our expert-led team has meticulously combed through thousands of scientific sources. Our mission: to separate trendy advice from the facts and craft unparalleled resources that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily parenting routine.

Enter the Gottman Parenting: Toddlers system, a powerful program designed to empower parents and caregivers. With actionable strategies for limit-setting, emotion coaching, stress management, and taming those inevitable tantrums, we enable you to nurture your toddler’s development while addressing immediate parenting challenges, alleviating parental stress, and sowing the seeds of lifelong benefits. Your journey to confident, informed parenting starts here.



Empowering Your Toddler’s Inner Growth

This program is a combination of videos, exercises, journals, self-care practices, case-studies, and written content. It has been designed to offer modern parents science-based step-by-step methods for parenting their toddlers.

Learn how to:

  • Handle toddler meltdowns. Understand why your toddler has meltdowns and what you can do to manage them effectively.
  • Use Emotion Coaching for toddlers to establish a strong foundation for lifelong emotional wellbeing and emotional intelligence.
  • Understand your child’s emotions and how your reactions to your child’s emotions shape their emotional development.
  • Recognize universal emotions, meta emotions, and self-conscious emotions.
  • Become more empathetic to your toddler and in turn develop your toddler’s empathy.
  • Not to lose out on connection. Discover your “parental agenda” and how it might be stealing moments with your child. Learn how to keep it in check so you can get back to enjoying moments with your toddler and continue connecting with them as they grow.
  • Become the best parent you can be. Break free of negative parenting patterns, stop getting lost in hopes and worries, and manage parental stress with helpful exercises, journals, and techniques designed to help you show up as your best self for your child.
  • Ways to stay calm when your child isn’t and scientific techniques to handle parental stress.
  • Ways to safeguard your child through big family changes like divorce, separation, stress, and change. 
  • Understand attachment styles and how to make your child feel loved and secure.

Includes five toddler parenting chapters:

  1. Master Toddler Meltdowns: Evidence-Based Techniques for Calmer, Easier Parenting
  2. Empowering Toddler Hearts for Lifelong Well-being and Growth
  3. The Calm Communication Guide: Techniques to Stay Calm When Your Child Isn’t
  4. Protect Your Toddler: A Guide to Nurturing Toddlers Amidst Separation, Divorce, Stress and Change
  5. How to Make Your Toddler Feel Loved and Secure: Building a foundation for your toddler’s successful future


Gottman Parenting: Empowering Your Toddler’s Inner Growth includes ways to support your toddler as they manage big emotions and push boundaries. Raise a secure, empathetic toddler with limit-setting, emotion coaching, practicing calm communication, and making them feel safe and loved.

For practical steps to help your toddler as they learn to talk, toilet train, make friends, and more, see Into the World – Guiding Your Toddler.

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Embrace a balanced approach that supports your toddler’s complete development, ensuring they thrive emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

Your toddler’s inner world involves developing emotional regulation, secure attachment styles, and empathy—but it’s not the complete story.

Your toddler’s outer world involves friendships, toilet and sleep training, language development, and boundary setting.

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Five parenting chapters


Videos, exercises, journals, reading material, quizzes, and bonus "Ask Dr. Julie" content

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