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Treating Affairs and Trauma

Dive deep into the proven, research-based Gottman Method approach for treating couples impacted by affairs and trauma. This in-depth course will provide you, the clinician, with an unbiased roadmap to compassionately serve your clients and provide hope as they struggle to rebuild a collapsed Sound Relationship House.

NOTE: Level 1 Training is required.

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What you will learn

Learning Objectives
  1. At the completion of this training, you will be able to:
  2. Compare and contrast the psychometric soundness of assessment instruments used to diagnose PTSD, including tools for structured interviews, self-report scales, and psycho-physiological assessment methods.
  3. Distinguish between the neurobiological changes associated with PTSD that occur in the amygdala, anterior cingulate cortex, prefrontal cortex and hippocampus.
  4. Evaluate the effectiveness of popular individual therapies for treating PTSD.
  5. Compare and contrast research studies on couples therapy methods for treating PTSD.
  6. Defend the practice of conducting conjoint therapy to address PTSD during couples therapy by referencing the relevant research findings on the impact of PTSD on relationships, as well as the relationship outcomes associated with individual PTSD treatment.
  7. Implement clinical strategies that help “surface” trauma when working with a couple with PTSD.
  8. Select clinical interventions that help “explore” trauma at a deeper level once it has surfaced.
  9. Facilitate movement from the individual to the dyad when processing a trauma.
  10. Teach couples how to conduct a Stress-Reducing Conversation when PTSD is involved.
  11. Teach couples how to conduct an Aftermath of a Regrettable Incident Exercise when PTSD is involved.
  12. Compare and contrast popular therapies for treating infidelity.
  13. Explain how the 24 steps of the “Gottman-Rusbult-Glass” cascade toward betrayal lead to a blurring of boundaries between self and potential others.
  14. Explain how a betrayed partner may develop PTSD as a result of their partner’s affair.
  15. Apply the Gottman Method Couples Therapy Assessment process with couples who have experienced an affair.
  16. Incorporate appropriate additional details when conducting an Assessment feedback session for treating affairs.
  17. Facilitate the Atonement phase of Gottman Method Couples Therapy for affairs.
  18. Defend the practice of allowing the hurt partner to express anger, insecurity, resentment, fear and feelings of rejection, rather than down-regulating their expression of emotion.
  19. Implement appropriate clinical tools to strengthen an affair couple’s Attunement to each other.
  20. Teach affair couples how to effectively process Regrettable Incidents.
  21. Select appropriate clinical interventions to deepen an affair couple’s Attachment to one another.
  22. Apply effective clinical strategies to help affair couples prevent relapse.

What you get:

Treating Trauma

Dr. Julie Gottman describes the impact of PTSD on committed relationships using real examples of trauma caused by early abandonment, childhood abuse, and military combat. She demonstrates a therapeutic approach that interweaves individual PTSD treatment with Gottman Method Couples Therapy. Watch Paul and Shantel, the couple featured in our Level 1 Clinical Training and Therapy Sessions: Live videos, as they return to therapy with the Gottmans eight years later. These new films demonstrate powerful couples interventions for PTSD and trauma.

Treating Affairs

Dr. John Gottman unfolds the science behind trust and betrayal and provides the tools needed to create trust and commitment in romantic relationships. The Gottmans describe their impactful “Atone, Attune, and Attach” model for treating affairs. This model provides clinicians with an unbiased approach that compassionately serves both partners as they struggle to rebuild a collapsed marriage. See brand new films of the Gottmans in their clinical office engaging in intensive therapy with a military couple, a case in which the husband had an affair and suffered from PTSD following his 12 back-to-back deployments overseas. Learn the important variations in assessment and intervention techniques that empower couples to not only rebuild their relationship, but also create immunity from future betrayals.

DISCLAIMER: This course is designed for clinical professionals and it exposes participants to video of therapy sessions that include discussion of topics such as domestic violence, combat violence, and complex family planning choices.

Included Content
This online course includes:
  • More than 17 hours of video from a recent live workshop conducted by Drs. John and Julie Gottman
  • 285-page printable PDF manual with the content, assessments, interventions, and references discussed in training videos
  • 165-page printable PDF of lecture slides
  • English Captions
  • Online Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion from The Gottman Institute
This course is offered for 17 Continuing Education (CE) credits from the Cognitive Behavior Institute. Please check with your licensing board to ensure that they accept CEs through Cognitive behavioral Institute. To receive the CE credits, complete the quiz with 80% or better. To purchase CEs: STEP 1: Create an account on CBI Center for Education STEP 2: Follow the link to purchase CEs from our CE co-sponsor – (complete the quiz with 80% or better before purchasing CEs)  “Cognitive Behavior Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Cognitive Behavior Institute maintains responsibility for this program and its content.”  “Cognitive Behavior Institute, LLC is recognized by the New York State Education Department’s State Board for Psychology as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed psychologists #PSY-0098 and the State Board for Social Work as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed social workers #SW-0646 and the State Board for Mental Health Practitioners as an approved provider of continuing education for licensed mental health counselors #MHC-0216.”  This event is not currently NBCC ACEP-approved. However, it meets the guidelines for continuing education.
Julie Gottman, Ph.D.
Dr. Julie Schwartz Gottman, Ph.D..
Julie is a highly respected clinical psychologist, she is sought internationally by media and organizations as an expert advisor on marriage, sexual harassment and rape, domestic violence, gay and lesbian adoption, same-sex marriage, and parenting issues. She is the co-creator of the immensely popular The Art and Science of Love weekend workshops for couples, and she also co-designed the national clinical training program in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.     John Gottman, Ph.D.
Dr. John Gottman, Ph.D.
World-renowned for his work on marital stability and divorce prediction, Dr. John Gottman has conducted 40 years of breakthrough research with thousands of couples. He is the author of over 200 published academic articles and author or co-author of more than 50 years.

Featured Reviews

Professional from
Seattle, WA

It was very empowering to learn how I can channel my existing training to better serve couples experiencing these specific challenges.

Professional from
Tampa, FL

The Atone, Attune, Attach formula is easy to use, easy to remember, and easy to explain to a couple.

Professional from
Berkeley, CA

Hearing from both John and Julie is so helpful. They bring a balance to research and application.

Professional from
Nashville, TN

This training goes beyond temporary fixes. It equips me to help couples heal from affairs & trauma, building resilience for a stronger future.
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Dive deep into the proven, research-based Gottman Method approach for treating couples impacted by affairs and trauma. This in-depth course will provide you, the clinician, with an unbiased roadmap to compassionately serve your clients and provide hope as they struggle to rebuild a collapsed Sound Relationship House.

NOTE: Level 1 Training is required.

Treating Affairs and Trauma

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