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Julie Sharon-Wagschal



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Julie Sharon-Wagschal is a Licensed Psychologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She began training with The Gottman Institute in 2013 and became a Certified Gottman Therapist in 2016.

Primarily working within the local international community, Julie has counselled clients from over 50 countries. At her private practice, she helps distressed and disconnected couples to rediscover and reignite friendship and intimacy, and improve their communication skills.

Julie is the principal Gottman Method Couples Therapy teacher based in Europe and is certified to present all three levels of Gottman Method training, as well as the Art & Science of Love couples workshop. She also serves as a consultant for clinicians seeking certification in Gottman Therapy. She has translated many of the Gottman intervention materials into Dutch.

Ultimately, Julie’s mission is to support couples to become closer and kinder with each other, so they can create safe and loving homes for themselves and their families, hereby positively affecting the world around them. She works on achieving this goal by counseling couples through therapy or workshops, by teaching mental health professionals to integrate the Gottman Method into their own work with couples, and by educating and speaking in local and international organisations and media outlets.

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