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Julie Sharon-Wagschal



The Netherlands


  • Advanced Gottman Clinical Trainer
  • Consultant
  • Speaker
  • Workshop Presenter


  • Affairs
  • Conflict
  • Life Transitions

Speaker Expertise:

  • Level 1 Training
  • Level 2 Training
  • Level 3 Training

Julie Sharon-Wagschal is a Licensed Psychologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She began training with The Gottman Institute in 2013 and became a Certified Gottman Therapist in 2016.

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Primarily working within the local international community, Julie has counselled clients from over 50 countries. At her private practice, she helps distressed and disconnected couples to rediscover and reignite friendship and intimacy, and improve their communication skills.

Julie is the principal Gottman Method Couples Therapy teacher based in Europe and is certified to present all three levels of Gottman Method training, as well as the Art & Science of Love couples workshop. She also serves as a consultant for clinicians seeking certification in Gottman Therapy. She has translated many of the Gottman intervention materials into Dutch.

Ultimately, Julie’s mission is to support couples to become closer and kinder with each other, so they can create safe and loving homes for themselves and their families, hereby positively affecting the world around them. She works on achieving this goal by counseling couples through therapy or workshops, by teaching mental health professionals to integrate the Gottman Method into their own work with couples, and by educating and speaking in local and international organizations and media outlets.

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*Accepting New Certification Candidates*

Julie is a Licensed Psychologist based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since starting her private practice in 2010, her passion has been working with couples. Being located in a very international city, Julie has had the privilege of counselling clients from over 50 countries, allowing her to develop a particular sensitivity and expertise when it comes to working with cross cultural couples. As the first Level 1, 2 and 3 clinical trainer and Certification Track consultant in Europe, Julie aims to establish Gottman Method Therapy as the leading approach to couples therapy across this continent and beyond.

Teaching GMT to mental health professionals from throughout the region continues to be a wonderful and enriching experience. During her first training with John and Julie Gottman, Julie realized they were imparting an incredible set of skills, tools and knowledge that would give her a new way to conceptualize and work with couples that was more helpful than anything she had learned before. Therefore, Julie continued to do all available trainings through The Gottman Institute, including Treating Affairs and Trauma, Bringing Baby Home, Marathon Therapy and the Art and Science of Love. After becoming a Certified Gottman Therapist, she discovered a new passion as a trainer and consultant as well. As a consultant Julie feels privileged to guide consultees through their final step in becoming Certified Gottman Therapists and do so with empathy and positive encouragement. She remembers the nerve-wracking experience of sharing her videos with her own consultant and how she was gently guided to finetune my skills. Julie strives to do the same with her consultees and look forward to supporting the next wave of CGT’s worldwide. Julie offers consultation in both English and Dutch.

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