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Debra Ann Brodie



Michigan, United States


  • Consultant
  • Workshop Presenter


  • Conflict
  • Couples
  • Ethno-Cultural Values

Speaker Expertise:

  • Art & Science of Love

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*Accepting New Certification Candidates*

Debra is a clinical psychologist with expertise in Jungian psychotherapy, polyvagal theory, and positive psychology. These are the theoretical lenses through which she applies the Sound Relationship House and Gottman interventions. C.G. Jung’s depth work informs “why we want to love and be loved.” Polyvagal theory explains the physiological mechanisms through which our bodies signal when “love is good or bad.” Positive psychology research validates the Gottman 5:1 positivity ratio as necessary for “bringing love back from the brink of hopelessness.” All three theories highlight how the relationship is a “container” devised to incubate mature, transcendent human beings. The Gottman Method shows how to harness this transcendence intentionally.

You can contact Debra directly to learn about her consultation pricing and more through her Gottman Referral Network profile here.

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