#AskGottman: Work/Life Balance Answers

Laura Silverstein, LCSW  //  

I very much appreciate your openness and vulnerability in sharing your stories, and hope that my responses will help you manage such an important issue.

#AskGottman: Work/Life Balance

Michael Fulwiler  //  

Do you feel like your partner is working too much? How much is too much, and how do you talk to them about it?

#AskGottman: Arguments Answers

Shelly Hummel, LMFT  //  

Arguments are a part of any relationship, and it is my hope that you find comfort in knowing that conflict is normal and can actually be a way for couples to grow closer.

#AskGottman: Arguments

Michael Fulwiler  //  

When choosing a long-term partner, you will inevitably be choosing a particular set of unresolvable problems. It’s no wonder that all couples argue.

#AskGottman: Affairs Answers

Don Cole, D.MIN. and Carrie Cole, M.ED.  //  

We hope that our responses help you to process the trauma of betrayal and begin on the path towards rebuilding trust in your relationship. 

#AskGottman: Affairs

Michael Fulwiler  //  

Certified Gottman Therapists Don and Carrie Cole will join #AskGottman this week to answer your questions about affairs. 

#AskGottman: Addiction Answers

Bob Navarra, PSY.D., MAC  //  

Thank you all very much for your questions, these are very representative of struggles and issues many people impacted by addiction experience. 

#AskGottman: Addiction

Michael Fulwiler  //  

Certified Gottman Therapist and addiction specialist Dr. Robert Navarra will be joining #AskGottman this week to answer your questions about alcohol, drug, and/or behavioral addictions. 

#AskGottman: Sex Answers

Michael Fulwiler  //  

We received many great (and difficult) questions about sexual desire, infidelity, and intimate communication.

#AskGottman: Sex

Michael Fulwiler  //  

No other area of a couple’s life offers more potential for embarrassment, hurt, and rejection than sex. That is why we’ve selected it as this week’s #AskGottman topic.

#AskGottman: Money Answers

Michael Fulwiler  //  

We understand that money is a tough issue for most couples. Hopefully our answers will help you in your own relationship. 

#AskGottman: Money

Michael Fulwiler  //  

We begin the #AskGottman series today on The Gottman Relationship Blog with the topic of money, which Dr. Gottman names in The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work as one of the six most typical areas of marital conflict.