Printable Feeling Wheel

The Gottman Institute  //  

What are you feeling? Discover more about your feelings and increase emotional intelligence with this handy, printable resource.

More Than Money

Vagdevi Meunier, Psy.D.  //  

Disagreements about money often get stuck at the practical level and deeper levels of meaning, history, or world views are not explored or understood fully.

What to Do After an Affair (part 1)

Brandon Leuangpaseuth  //  

After coming clean about an affair, Brandon and his partner learn how to rebuild their relationship.

Stepping Back to Save My Stepfamily

Real Relationships  //  

All of the constructs I grew up with and believed I would carry on in my own family had to be thrown out the window. As much as I would like one, there is no guide on how to be a stepfamily—we are all too different.

I Met The Woman of My Dreams, She Lives 2,400 Miles Away

Real Relationships  //  

Thanks to a combination of sobriety, introspection, therapy, and Kate’s support, I’m feeling more comfortable showing up authentically both inside and outside this relationship.

I Found Myself When I Lost My Ideology

Real Relationships  //  

Everything I thought I knew about myself, my faith, my friendships, and my family was put on tilt when I decided to be true to who I am and pursue that woman.

My Marriage Beyond the Binary

Real Relationships  //  

Sometimes, we are a hetero couple, sometimes a gay couple, but most of the time we live outside of the established labels altogether.

I Fell in Love With My Best Friend

Real Relationships  //  

I found myself feeling like there was a different kind of connection forming, beyond best friendship. Could this be?

I’d Sworn off Dating “Allies,” Until I Met a Real One

Real Relationships  //  

He may never understand exactly how I’m feeling or what it’s like to be in my shoes, but he knows when to speak up and when to stay quiet—to listen and learn from me and others with different experiences.