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Gottman Relationship Coach: Building a Life Together

You’ve decided to spend forever together. Congratulations! Making a commitment to one another is a time to celebrate and prepare for the new adventure ahead of you. This new journey is one of Trust and Commitment as you forge a path towards lasting love. You’ll have shared goals and new dreams to hope for, and plenty of fun and play. Don’t forget to soak in all the intimacy and romance along the way! So, take each other’s hands and get ready. Whether you’re committing to each other after a long time of casual dating or you’ve just swept each other off your feet, committing to each other is a big step, but don’t worry. With more than 40 years of research into how relationships work, the Gottmans are here to give you the tools you need for happily ever after.

This new program will help you learn:

  • The difference between dreams and goals
  • How to have conversations around your hopes for your lives, both individually and together
  • The meaning of trust and commitment, and how to increase both in your relationship
  • How to go “all in” on your relationship, and the fruits that it can bear
  • How to introduce more fun, play, and adventure in your lives
  • How to create your own Rituals of Connection

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Building a Life Together

Committing to each other is a big step, but don’t worry. With more than 40 years of research into how relationships work, the Gottmans are here to give you the tools you need for happily ever after. Building a life together is all about turning “me” into “we.” Approaching a relationship from a perspective of “we-ness” takes intention and the willingness to explore each other’s most treasured hopes, dreams, and goals. These conversations, videos, and exercises come from years of research and study from The Gottman Institute. They will help you discover what trust and commitment looks like in your unique relationship. And you can explore ways to have fun together to keep the thrill alive!

Goals and Dreams

As you move towards joining your lives together, it’s not just about moving in and sharing closet space. You will share dreams and hopes for your future including career changes, choosing whether or not to expand your family, where you’ll live, and more. Learn how to communicate and support each other’s dreams. We’ll also show you how to co-create dreams for you and your partner.

Trust and Commitment

Commitment doesn’t just happen overnight. Trust is earned, and you build it together. Have discussions about what trust looks like in your relationship and how you can double down on your commitment to each other with these practical skills and strategies.

Fun, Play, and Adventure

Keep your relationship from going on auto-pilot with regular infusions of fun, play, and adventure. This section includes date ideas to fuel the flames of romance, plus opportunities to create and design your own special Rituals of Connection.

Building a Life Together includes:

  • Exclusive new video content
  • Entertaining role plays by Drs. John and Julie Gottman that demonstrate destructive couples behaviors that undermine relationship well-being with suggestions on how to turn these interactions around, resulting in positive outcomes
  • Three exercises
  • Three Digital Card Decks


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Video Content

Exclusive New Video Content


Drs. John and Julie Gottman



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