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Clinician’s Digital Tools

This digital set collects some of our most effective, straightforward, and immediately useful materials included in our Clinician’s Toolkit.

What you will learn

Intervention Handout PDFs

These digital intervention handouts have been developed for convenient use with your couples.

Complete Relationship Guide PDFs

These digital guides are among our most effective tools for helping couples improve or strengthen their relationship.

This brand new offering collects our most effective, straightforward, and useful clinical handouts included in our popular Clinician’s Toolkit, now available together for the first time in digital form. Download and use these tools immediately in your work with couples.

Included are PDFs of the six Gottman Relationship Guides, along with six key intervention handouts with an unlimited, lifetime print license so you can use them wherever and whenever you need to. You can even download them for use on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Gottman Relationship Guides
Couples and couples therapists use these guides as building blocks to create what Drs. John and Julie Gottman call the Sound Relationship House – the kind of trusting, affectionate, and reciprocal partnership we all wish to have. The Gottman Relationship Guides contain the following exercises:

  • Relaxation – Learn the simple methods for self-soothing and reducing stress
  • How to be a Great Listener – Guide to really hearing and understanding what your partner is trying to say
  • Aftermath of a Fight – Key steps to making repairs and getting back on track after regrettable incidents
  • Small Things Often – Daily guide to the specific things that create stronger bonds
  • Avoid the Four Horsemen – Learn how to prevent Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt & Stonewalling
  • Fondness & Admiration – Cultivate deeper fondness and admiration for your partner with the help of these short, daily exercises.

Intervention Handouts

  • Sound Relationship House – A detailed diagram of the Gottman Sound Relationship House model.
  • Repair Checklist & The Four Horsemen – Six checklists for making repair attempts along with an overview of the Four Horsemen and their antidotes.
  • Conflict Blueprint Exercise – A blueprint for how to healthily engage in conflict, including listening and validation, compromise, and problem-solving.
  • Dreams within Conflict Exercise – A guide for couples to understand each other’s underlying beliefs, dreams, history, and values on any given issue.
  • Gottman-Rapoport Intervention – A method for helping couples during conflict so that each partner feels heard and understood.
  • The Art of Compromise – A diagram and overview that helps couples understand what their core needs and what their areas of flexibility are on any given issue.

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This digital set collects some of our most effective, straightforward, and immediately useful materials included in our Clinician’s Toolkit.

Clinician’s Digital Tools

What you get:

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