What to Do When You Disagree

Jenny TeGrotenhuis, LMHC  //  

Repair happens when we build bridges of validation that connect us, deepening our sense of belonging and security.

Neutrality is Invalidation

Jenny TeGrotenhuis, LMHC  //  

Invalidation is a form of relational trauma which, over time, harms the brain and nervous system, and also results in the disintegration of any healthy bonds of connection, and dissolution of trust in others. Healing requires the slow, ongoing work of diligent growth in character, self-awareness, and love.

The Unexpected Joys of ‘Parenting-in-Place’

Lucy Fry  //  

There is no avoiding the tragic reality of this pandemic, yet we can hold such reality more easily when set alongside the glorious simplicity of childhood play.

Under Stress, We All Regress

Jenny TeGrotenhuis, LMHC  //  

A story of how compassion helped a family find relief when stressful conditions activated trauma triggers and coping mechanisms.