Marriage Requires Being Intentional 365 Days a Year

Casey Caston  //  

It was the pain of watching our own relationship crumble that fueled our desire to learn how to succeed in marriage. We quickly realized it wasn’t just our marriage at risk. It was all around us. 

Where Did The Love Go?

Kyle Morrison  //  

The phone rings often at The Gottman Institute. Last week, I answered a call from a young woman distressed about arguments that were ruining what had been, till then, an easy-going relationship with her husband.

How Stripping Solves Relationship Conflicts

Dr. Jamie Turndorf  //  

Imagine being in the throes of a heated relationship argument, when suddenly you're facing a partner who has turned stone deaf. 

The Importance Of Integrity

Nate Bagley  //  

Integrity is the true source of deep love, adventure, and even self-confidence.

The Progressive Dad’s Dilemma

Dr. Jessica Michaelson  //  

In the world I live in, a highly-educated community in the liberal San Francisco Bay Area, adults come into parenthood with egalitarian ideals. 

Summer Romance: Reconnecting on Summer Vacation

Laura Heck, LMFTA  //  

Today on The Gottman Relationship Blog, we continue our  Summer Romance  series with a special guest posting from our very own Laura Heck, LMFTA.