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Kim Lampson

Dr. Kim Lampson

Certified Gottman Therapist and Contributor

Dr. Lampson’s love for therapy led her to pursue a doctorate in counseling psychology. Upon graduation, she established a private practice specializing in the treatment of people with eating disorders.

About 20 years later, she began teaching at Northwest University and is now a professor of graduate psychology. In 2016, she accepted the position of clinical director of NUhope Community Counseling Center, a training clinic for graduate students. Supervising and training the next generations of therapists is very gratifying for her; one of her passions is training students to be highly effective couples therapists.

In 2014, Dr. Lampson became enamored with the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy and became a Certified Gottman Therapist in 2017. At the urging of John and Julie Gottman, Dr. Lampson developed Gottman-RED, a new form of Gottman Method Couples Therapy specifically for couples where one person has an eating disorder.

Dr. Lampson currently maintains a part-time private practice in Mercer Island, WA, and loves working with couples. Her website is and her email is [email protected].


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