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Aftermath of a Fight (pocket guide)

Aftermath of a Fight (pocket guide)

in a handy 10 pack for therapists and counselors

$20.00 — $35.00

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This booklet is one of 4 that comes in our sampler, The Relationship Guide.  Here we make it available in packs of 10 for therapists to give to clients, or as a PDF to download and print out as therapists need.

Clinicians: reach for this quick, handy guide to remind you of the Gottman Method Therapy steps that get couples back on track after a fight or regrettable incident. It outlines the 5 steps needed to process conflict and reclaim good will. The Aftermath booklet reminds couples to assess:

Couples, this item is a short outline that references other Gottman materials from our popular workshops. If you’re looking for a more complete and complex product to use in your relationship, we’d like to suggest either starting with The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work or The Art & Science of Love home workshop.

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11 pages, 5″ x 6″
The Gottman Institute