Pay Attention, for Passion’s Sake

Paying attention predicts relationship success.

Public Figures Go to Couples Therapy, Too

As John and Julie Gottman like to say, we’re all in the same soup.

Tikkun Olam and the Mission of The Gottman Institute

Healing the world is more than our mission. It’s our responsibility.

Insights on Same-Sex Marriage from Julie Gottman

Julie Gottman performed the world’s first controlled study on children being raised in the homes of lesbian moms.

Creating Your Own Holiday Rituals

Rituals give relationships meaning, especially during the holiday season.

A Vacation Survival Guide for Couples

If you haven’t travelled together as a couple, do it as soon as possible.

Gottman’s Four Rules for a Better America

If we all follow these rules, together, we can make this a better country.

Intimate Partner Violence and the #MeToo Movement

Let’s not forget the brave survivors of intimate partner violence. Their #MeToo stories matter, too.

Beyond the Talk: Teaching Your Kids About Consent

Rather than having “the talk” with your kids, think of teaching consent as an ongoing dialogue.

The Joys (and Tears) of Parenting My Adult Children

I’m enjoying watching my children grow into adults that I can be proud of.

Why Do We Get Jealous in Relationships?

Recognizing and embracing your partner’s enduring vulnerabilities, as well as your own, will strengthen your relationship.

I Quit My Job to Get My Life Back

Don’t just balance your work with your family, build it around them.

Connecting with Your Pain Could Save Your Life

A lack of connection will always yield disintegration in any system—particularly a relationship.