DVD Home-Study Programs with CE Hours

Studying the Gottman Method in groups is not only an enriching learning experience, but is cost efficient. Individuals and groups can now work at home or the office, at their own pace, to complete these comprehensive training programs.

After Levels 1 and 2, you can decide if you want to attend a live Level 3 training… and then become a Certified Gottman Therapist.

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Studying with a partner saves you money.  You can split the cost of a full set (Level 1 or Level 2), and then just purchase extra manuals as needed. Though each person MUST have a manual to receive completion credit and/or CE Hours, you can share the DVDs. Visit the Level 1 or Level 2 purchase pages to put these in your cart.

To save the most, purchase one complete Level 1 and Level 2 training set. (This saves $100 off the price of buying the sets separately.) Then get extra manuals as needed.

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Group Pricing

Read the discount paragraphs above. As stated, each group member needs a manual in order to receive completion credit and/or CE hours.  You can purchase manuals online, but if you have a group of 5 or more, contact us to receive the discounted rates below. Remember, the complete DVD set already has one manual included, so be sure to factor that in to your final group count.

Total group size:

5 or more = 10% off each additional manual
10 or more = 15% off each additional manual

  GROUP RATES 10% off 15% off
  Level 1 manuals (reg $150)  $135 each  $128 each
  Level 2 manuals (reg $249)  $224 each  $212 each

Please note: CE hours are handled separately, in partnership with PESI. Level 1 CE hours are $29.99 and Level 2 are $39.99. Please see the Assessment of Knowledge sections in your manual for submission and payment procedures.

To place a GROUP order, please contact us with the following information.  Please note, group rates apply only when the entire order is placed together.

  1. Desired items and quantities
  2. Billing Address & Shipping Address
  3. Complete and return the Credit Card Authorization Form to products@gottman.com  – or fax to (206) 523-7306

Questions?  Call 888-523-9042 ext 3 or email products@gottman.com

The Level 1 DVD & Manual set was designed to teach you the essentials of Gottman Couples Therapy.  It was filmed at a Live Level 1 workshop in Seattle.  11 CE hours

The Level 2 DVD & Manual set provides the opportunity to deepen your understanding, expand your strategies and gain confidence in using Gottman Method Therapy in your clinical work.  All Gottman Assessment Questionnaires and Interventions are included and ready for immediate use with your couples. 21 CE hours

The Gottmans’ workshops integrate didactic presentations, analysis of couples’ interactions, demonstrations of clinical technique, experiential learning, videos from their clinical office and lively exchanges with their audiences.

Level 1 Home Study Testimonials

This training and the accompanying clinical manual have provided some of the most powerful therapeutic insights and concepts I’ve received as a therapist working with couples. (Jim Marshall, Master Care Institute)

I received the materials today. I am very excited to begin the process. Nice materials, very professional. I was impressed; I have done many courses but this time I feel that it is something special. (C.R., Romania)

We were thrilled with your wonderful workshop and have started applying what we learned as quickly as we could. (F.P. & B.P., GA)

This was the single most useful conference I have attended in twenty-three years of clinical practice. Clear, concise, useful! Thank you so much for your presentation, your work and your humor. (E.B., PA)

The handouts are amazing! The best I’ve ever received at a conference. This info will definitely enhance my practice with couples. (H.M., CO)

The most well organized seminar I have ever attended! Thank you for the wonderful, clear presentation and comprehensive materials – which will be great to reference. It freed me up from taking notes during the workshop and allowed me to listen to Dr. Gottman without having to divide attention between listening and taking notes. (S.G., MD)

As a divorce attorney and mediator, I will be able to use the therapeutic tools both as an attorney and in teaching divorce mediation. (J.C., CA )

Speaker was great- material, style, use of audiovisual aides, etc. The manual greatly enhanced the workshop. Absolutely one of the best workshops I have attended. (J.W., PA)

You have convinced me that your methods and interventions are intelligent, responsible and compassionate. I believe they will endure over time as a true gift to children and families. (P.M., IL)

I especially appreciate the emphasis on providing a clear, coherent research-based theory with practical application techniques. (M.L., OR)

This was the best seminar I have ever attended. It not only provided me a wealth of valuable tools in my practice, but challenged some ideas I have held. (P.S., MA)

I think that this seminar was one of the most informative and relevant to clinical work that I’ve taken! (P.H., MN)

Very educational! Lots of good resource material. I believe this is some of the most important and valid information on couples. (D.S., DC)

How wonderful that Dr. Gottman’s years of research have come to fruition and that he shares himself with us in such a wonderful way! Excellent. Exciting! Great use of time! (B.L., CA)

Dr. Gottman’s seminar was clear, straightforward and packed with illuminating insights into marriages. It “blew away” many of my clinical practices, and it should enhance not only marital relationships, but also clients with interpersonal problems. (T.P., CO)

Level 2 Home Study Testimonials

“I am just compelled to write another thank you for the terrific instruction, research and application of every thing you all are doing.  I am half way through level II home study, and have been able to use all the great methods in my work after taking level I in San Fransisco last year.  My clients are getting the results they want in less time, I feel more confident in what I am doing with them and not to mention, my wife (also a therapist) and I benefit as well!  Thank you so much.”
– R.S.

“I have had many hours of enjoyable learning from my Level II DVD program.  I am at the end of the program (2 remaining DVDs) and by the end of next week I hope to complete the exam and submit it to you.  I have taken university level on line learning programs and I am also an instructor of nursing at UAA, as well as a LPC, and I have prepared what we call distance learning programs so I feel that I can say with confidence that this is one of the best DVD – self paced learning programs around.”
Connie Roseman