Within three years after the birth of a child, approximately two thirds of parents will experience a significant drop in their relationship quality. Research shows that the quality of a relationship between parents has a direct and profound impact on the development of infants and children. 

You can help make a positive difference for families in your community with the Bringing Baby Home Educator Training. This research-based training is designed to teach professionals how to present workshops to pregnant and parenting families on the transition to parenthood.

Whether you have years of experience or you’re just getting started in your field, the Bringing Baby Home Educator Training will give you tools to facilitate Bringing Baby Home parents workshops, helping parents strengthen their friendship, increase intimacy, and regulate conflict—thereby improving their well-being and that of their child(ren).

Training Description

The Bringing Baby Home Educator Training is a research-based course designed to teach professionals in the birthing, medical, and mental health spaces how to help parents in their communities maintain happy, healthy relationships while welcoming new babies into their lives. By taking this training, professionals can become Bringing Baby Home Educators, host their own workshops, and help more parents with the transition to parenthood.

You have the option to choose between a LIVE virtual training event with other resources or an on-demand digital training course.

Bringing Baby Home Premium Product Image
Get the most out of your BBH training. Taught by expert Bringing Baby Home Educators, this LIVE virtual training event is held over three total days and includes everything offered in the Essentials Package PLUS live Q&A sessions, small group participation, role-plays, teachbacks and 10.5 CEs.
Bringing Baby Home Educator Training Product Image Essentials Package
You’ll get all the essentials in this on-demand digital training, with 90+ videos and exercises designed for you to work through the program at your own pace.

How will I benefit from the Bringing Baby Home Educator Training?

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to…

  • Help parents in your community maintain relationship satisfaction after having a baby, reduce relationship hostility and increase affection, and promote positive parent-baby interactions.
  • Develop, promote, and independently facilitate parenting workshops and classes at your church, hospital, community center, place of business, or home.
  • Utilize various resources in your work with parents, including an educators manual, parents workbooks, and various Gottman card decks and parenting exercises.
  • Add a Bringing Baby Home Educator badge and professional BBH logos to your website and marketing materials.
  • Use the Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator title and distinction.

Who is this training for?

The following will benefit from attending the Bringing Baby Home Educator Training:

  • Childbirth educators
  • Life coaches
  • Nurses
  • Social workers
  • Child and family therapists
  • Birth and postpartum doulas
  • Midwives
  • Professors
  • Clergy
  • Mental health professionals

What’s included in the training?

Upon completion of the training, attendees receive…

  • An official Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator certificate and digital badge.
  • Access to the online Bringing Baby Home Educator Resource Library, which includes marketing materials, presentation resources, BBH research information, and more.
  • A 500-page Gottman Educator Training Manual designed to serve as learning material during the training and a guide to presenting Bringing Baby Home parent workshops.
  • The Bringing Baby Home New Parents Workshop: Parents Materials Set, which serves as course material for the Bringing Baby Home New Parents workshops. This set includes:
    • Bringing Baby Home Parents Workbook
    • Love Maps Card Deck
    • Love Maps for Couples with Kids Card Deck
    • Open-Ended Questions Card Deck
    • Parenting Roles Card Deck
    • Softened Start-Up and Expressing Needs Card Deck

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Interested in learning more about the research? The Gottman blog: Bringing Baby Home: The Research

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Essential Package is an on-demand version of the Bringing Baby Home Educator Training. In choosing this course option, you will gain access to an online training that you can work through at your own pace. 

    The Premium Package is a live virtual training, held over the course of two days and presented by an experienced Bringing Baby Home Educator. This live training event includes teachbacks, small group work, and a 1.5 hour webinar/Q&A session with presenters.

  • Yes. CEs are available for our Bringing Baby Home Educator trainings, both for virtual live trainings (Premium Package) and the on-demand course (Essential Package).

    Please see the specific product for more details and for the number of hours available.

  • If you intend to co-present workshops, you can register your co-presenter and get trained together.

  • A teachback is an opportunity to quickly and concisely present to fellow participants a key concept or skill presented in the workshop. 


    • Encourages reflection, planning, and synthesis of workshop key concepts
    • Requires preparation and consideration of teaching delivery methods
    • Reinforces both skill set development and critical thinking processes
    • Provides an opportunity of peer feedback and evaluative assessment of topics taught
    • Afford an opportunity to learn from other participants and put theory into practice


    You are not required to attend the teachback session, but it is highly encouraged. Teachbacks are only available through the Premium Package.

  • The materials are made available upon registration in a digital, online format. These materials are available for review after the course and also for printing on your own as well. If you decide to purchase hard-copy materials additionally, please consider shipping times to ensure the materials arrive before the start of training.

  • Refunds are offered for the workshop until one week prior to the training event, which is when materials are made available. If you need to cancel, please contact [email protected]. You will be able to register for the workshop until the day before the event. Please wait to register if you are unsure of your availability during the scheduled times, which are all in the Pacific Time Zone. Transferring registration is not available.

  • Pacific Time Zone

  • In order to successfully become a Bringing Baby Home Educator, you must:

    • Complete the Essential or Premium Package for Bringing Baby Home: Gottman Educator Training Program either asynchronous or live (10+ hours)
    • Pass the Bringing Baby Home Educator Exam
    • Agree to the Leader’s Agreement included in your digital materials
  • Continuing status is granted to those who maintain a favorable status with The Gottman Institute, as evidenced by:

    • Adherence to the Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator Training Program Agreement
    • The maintenance of professional standards of conduct as defined by The Gottman Institute

    The benefits of maintaining credentials are:

    • A website posting of one’s name and program
    • Notification / newsletter(s) of program updates
    • Advanced notice of products and materials and information from The Gottman Institute
  • The Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator status authorizes an instructor / facilitator to:

    • Independently teach and facilitate the 12-hour Bringing Baby Home Parents Workshop
    • Use the Bringing Baby Home Educator title and distinction
  • Yes, please refer to the leader agreement included in the training digital materials.

    • Website Posting: Once you have completed and passed the requirements for the Educator Training, you will be eligible to post your upcoming workshops here for patents to find your class.
    • Confirming Status: The TGI staff would be glad to provide documentation or verbal confirmation of any Bringing Baby Home Educator’s status. Please have interested parties see our Gottman Help Center to submit a request for assistance.