Relaxation: How to Self-Soothe & Create Calm

In a handy 10 pack for therapists and counselors (Available in English or Spanish)




This pocket guide can be ordered in 10 packs for therapists, or as part of our multi-booklet folder called The Relationship Guide.

The Relaxation booklet explains how changes in our physiology actually make it impossible for couples to speak constructively during times of disagreement. Then it outlines exactly what to do about it. The booklet also covers Five Secrets to Calming Yourself and an exercise to read to yourself or your partner (when ready) that will help you de-stress and get back to a better frame of mind for solving conflicts.

See the other booklets in our “Relationship Guide” series:

  1. How to be a Great Listener – guide to really hearing and understanding what your partner is trying to say
  2. Aftermath of a Fight – key steps to making repairs and getting back on track after regrettable incidents
  3. Small Things Often – daily guide to the specific things that create stronger bonds
  4. Avoid the Four Horsemen – learn how to prevent Criticism, Defensiveness, Contempt & Stonewalling







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