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Public Talk: Emotion Coaching
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This program teaches parents, educators, and caregivers how to Emotion Coach children in 5 simple steps. By increasing emotional awareness and communication skills, this program improves your emotional responsiveness and, in turn, creates emotionally intelligent children.

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Without good information and the right skills, parenting can feel overwhelming. Parents often wonder: “What is one thing I could do for my child that would make a difference both now and in the future?” The answer, found after more than twenty years of research, is to build your child’s emotional intelligence. This means helping kids understand their emotions by recognizing what they are feeling and why. Dr. John Gottman named these skills Emotion Coaching, a term that emerged in 1990 after 20 years of research on relationships, families, and parenting styles, and they are fundamental in creating respectful, emotionally healthy, successful kids.

Dr. John Gottman’s research has shown that Emotion Coached children:

  • Perform better academically
  • Have fewer behavioral problems
  • Have fewer infectious illnesses
  • Are more emotionally stable
  • Are more resilient
  • Can focus attention and motivate themselves

Successful parenting begins in your heart, and then continues on a moment-to-moment basis by engaging your children when feelings run high, when they are sad, angry or scared. The heart of parenting is being there in a particular way when it really counts.

This event has been cancelled

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Sep 5, 2020 to Sep 5, 2020


10:00 am to 2:00 pm PDT


Radisson Blu Hotel 19 Mayis Cad,No: 2
Istanbul, Istanbul 34360 Turkey


Radisson Blu Hotel


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Alysha Roll

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Psikoloji Istanbul