I don’t feel like my partner understands me emotionally. What can I do?

We always argue about our finances. How can we reach a compromise in our spending?

We don’t have sex as much as we used to. What can we do to bring back the passion and excitement?

Have you ever wanted to ask us a question about your marriage or relationship? Now you can. We are excited to announce #AskGottman, a new opportunity for you as readers of The Gottman Relationship Blog to engage with us and get the answers you’re looking for.

Every other week, we will select a topic of interest and call for your submissions. We will then choose our favorites and our highly qualified team will answer them in a posting every other Friday. Topics will include conflict, parenting, sex, money, in-laws, date nights, work-life balance, technology, weddings, and more. We will also give you the opportunity to select topics that you have questions about.

Our responses will always be based on the Gottman Method and Dr. Gottman’s research findings. If your question is selected, we will never reveal your identity when responding. That’s a promise.

You can submit your questions in two ways:

  1. Using the hashtag #AskGottman, you can send us a tweet on Twitter, a comment on Instagram, or post on Facebook. You are encouraged to send us a direct message on Facebook if you would like your question to be private.
  2. Use the form provided in the posting each week to submit your question directly.

It is important to note that this blog series is intended to be psycho-educational and is not meant to be therapy. We will not be able to answer some questions due to their sensitive nature. If you are interested in finding a therapist trained in Gottman Method Couples Therapy near you, we encourage you to use the Gottman Referral Network.

This series depends on your participation to be successful. We look forward to reading your submissions and learning more about the issues and problems you are facing in your relationships so that we can better help to support them.

We will post the first topic next week.

Michael Fulwiler is the Editor in Chief of The Gottman Relationship Blog and Director of Marketing for The Gottman Institute. A proud University of Washington graduate, Michael is an avid fan of love, live music, and Seattle sports teams.