Gottman Method Training: Level 1

This week on the Gottman Relationship Blog, we will be discussing Gottman Method Training and Certification.

This week on the Gottman Relationship Blog, we will be discussing Gottman Method Training and Certification.

This week on the Gottman Relationship Blog, we will be discussing Gottman Method Training and Certification. The Gottman Institute makes it easy to receive training to enhance your current skill set and to help you meet and exceed your career goals. Our top-notch workshops and home-study courses provide you with research-based professional instruction and resources that you can use immediately with your clients. Choose to enroll in a workshop course, take a series of home-study courses, or do a combination of both! 

In these trainings you will: 

  • Learn to integrate research-based methods and inspire transformation in your work with couples.
  • Identify the communication patterns, friendship basis, and conflict management dynamics that characterize enduring intimate relationships.
  • Discover a roadmap for helping couples to compassionately manage their conflicts, deepen their friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams. 

There are three levels in our professional training program. Choose to train in one, two, or all three levels. Each level builds upon the previous one to provide you with a progressively deeper level of instruction and understanding. Completion of all levels of this program leads to certification as a Certified Gottman Therapist. In today’s posting, we would like to start by introducing you to Level 1 Training

Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm: A Research Based Approach is a two-day professional training workshop, with films from their clinical office, presented by Drs. John and Julie Gottman, and by Certified Gottman Trainers, either in person or as a DVD Home-Study program.

This is the first step in learning Gottman Method Therapy! A truly inspiring workshop, Level 1 training will give you new insight into couples’ struggles using research-based assessments and effective interventions. Combining lecture, video from Dr. John Gottman’s research with couples, and film clips from the Gottmans’ clinical practice, it teaches you:

  • Proven strategies and tools to help couples successfully manage conflict 
  • Skills that empower partners to dialogue about their worst gridlocked issues 
  • Approaches for multiple presenting co-morbidities including incest, the effects of poverty, PTSD and infidelity 
  • Methods to help couples process their fights and heal their hurts 
  • Techniques for couples to deepen their intimacy and minimize relapse 

You’ll also receive a 300-page Manual featuring new relationship assessment questionnaires and clinical interventions that you can use immediately with your clients. Equipped with new methods and tools to help couples break the cycle of criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling, you’ll use research-based principles and interventions of Gottman Method Couples Therapy to strengthen:

  • The Friendship System: the building block for intimacy, passion, and good sex 
  • The Conflict System: the basis for helping couples manage solvable problems and understand and manage unresolvable differences 
  • The Shared Meaning System: the existential foundation of the relationship that helps couples create shared purpose in building a life together 

That’s all well and good, but who should attend? Participants working in the following fields will benefit from our training:

  • Mental health providers 
  • Allied professionals and clergy 
  • Students and interns 
  • Family clinic staff 
  • Professors/teachers of couples therapy 
  • Researchers in the social sciences 
  • Employee assistance professionals

Click here to find an upcoming Level 1 Training near you. Unable to attend? You can become Level 1 Trained today with the Level 1 Homestudy DVD and manual set. 

On Wednesday, we will turn our attention to Level 2 Training. Until then, we encourage you to explore the Professional Training and Events section of our webpage. Have a great week!

Michael Fulwiler is the Editor in Chief of The Gottman Relationship Blog and Director of Marketing for The Gottman Institute. A proud University of Washington graduate, Michael is an avid fan of love, live music, and Seattle sports teams.