Create a Shared Culture

Karen Bridbord  //  

In work cultures that thrive, employees are guided by organizational values and understand what is expected of them.

Facilitate Career Advancement

Karen Bridbord  //  

Understanding and supporting each other’s professional goals is key for both personal and organizational advancement.

Manage Conflict

Karen Bridbord  //  

The Four Horsemen are detrimental to an office environment and work culture.

Perception Becomes Reality

Karen Bridbord  //  

When the first three levels are strong between two people and perception is favorable, creativity and innovation have true opportunity to flourish.

Respond and Engage

Karen Bridbord  //  

Positively responding to and engaging bids for connection increases trust between colleagues.

Provide Positive Feedback

Michael Fulwiler  //  

Research shows that providing positive feedback leads to better morale, enhanced motivation, and improved productivity.

Develop Colleague Maps

Karen Bridbord  //  

When you build Colleague Maps with co-workers, you develop a deeper understanding of who they are.