What Straight Husbands Can Learn From Gay Husbands

According to Dr. Gottman, straight couples may have a lot to learn from gay and lesbian relationships.

Husbands Can Only Be Influential if They Accept Influence

Being open to influence requires a man to let go of avoidant strategies like distancing, attacking, and defensiveness.

The Research: Predicting Divorce from an Oral History Interview Part II

Both husbands’ and wives’ presence or lack of “we-ness” during an oral history interview is a strong indicator of whether a couple will divorce or not.

The Research: Physiological and Affective Predictors of Change in Relationship Satisfaction

What factors can impact relationship satisfaction? The Gottman Relationship Blog explores the research and what you can do.

The Sound Relationship House: The Positive Perspective

A fundamental principle of maintaining The Positive Perspective in your relationship is to let your partner influence you.

Predicting Divorce From The First 3 Minutes of Conflict Discussion

Drs. Carrère and Gottman found that the startup of the conflict discussion was key to predicting divorce or marital stability.

Healthy Dependence as a Path Toward Healthy Relationships

When David is tempted to say, “I’ll do it myself!” he reminds himself to ask the question, “How can we do this together?”

L is for Love & Like

“Love” is the obvious word here. But with all due respect to love, it’s probably a little too obvious for my tastes. Don’t get me wrong, I love love, but it often clouds the real issue at the heart of a relationship.

Moving Beyond Mistakes in Marriage

After recognizing that one has made a mistake, it is important to make a repair with your partner.